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Easiest and safest indoor signage, to both install and remove.

Printed materials can be kiss-cut, die-cute and folded.

Ideal for creating dynamic variable data-managed printed materials.

Create posters up to 53” wide by any length. Posters can be tiled together to create images of unlimited size.

Simply remove from the backer and apply to any smooth clean indoor surface.

Depending on printing method, Cling-rite will adhere for up to 1 year.


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Cling-rite® is electrically charged, printed film that clings to most clean, smooth surfaces without the use of tape or adhesives. This versatile medium is ideal for, but not limited to: wall décor in any shape or size larger than 5” in diameter, posters, POPs, signage, banners, event marketing, direct mail, advertising and promotional premiums, calendars, memo boards, wall décor, magazine and newspaper advertising – so basically, what is it not good for?

Cling Rite
Cling Rite
Cling Rite


The newest addition to our versatile Cling-rite® line of products is Cling-rite Unlimited. Cling-rite® Unlimited is a revolutionary unsupported, electrically charged printed film that clings to most clean, smooth, indoor surfaces without the use of tape or adhesives, and will adhere up to 6 months. The backer-less construction reduces the material cost and is a fraction of the cost of traditional semi-permanent signage, making Cling-rite® Unlimited an extremely economical and convenient choice for a variety of marketing displays. It is printed in sizes up to 30” in width by any length and can be easily tiled together to create images of any size! Cling-rite® Unlimited is variably printed and multiple images can be produced on a single perforated roll. Install and remove in minutes — no need for professional installers. Simply tear it off the roll, put it up on a wall, and the next poster or sign is ready to go. Cling-rite® Unlimited is ideal for event marketing, posters, retail signage, and seasonal decor — the possibilities are unlimited!


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Cling-rite® is made from statically charged polypropylene film. It can be printed is sizes from 4" x 6" up to 53" wide x any length, plus posters can be easily tiled to create images of unlimited size. It adheres to most clean smooth surfaces including walls, doors, glass, wood and wallpaper. No tape or adhesives are required. Will not damage surfaces!

Cling-rite® posters will adhere for various lengths of time based on size and amount of ink used. Most signs are guaranteed for a minimum 1 month and others will be guaranteed for 6 months depending on the printing process.

For best results use in an indoor setting, avoiding very hot or humid environments. If placed outdoors, Cling-rite® is affected by wind and weather and will not cling well if exposed to the elements.
Yes, Cling-rite® is fully recyclable. Simply place in the plastics recycling container. It is environmentally friendly.
Yes and no, depending on the printing process. Conventionally offset printed Cling-rite® is erasable, while digitally printed Cling-rite® products are not suited for dry erase applications. Ask you cling specialist which Cling-rite® product best suits your project needs.
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