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5 Things To Do This Weekend

5 Things To Do This Weekend

Published: 03.26.20

TGIF – Even if everyday this week has felt Sundayish.

5 Things to do this weekend.

1. Take a trip to Broadway, and take in virtual show with the best seats in the house. Lots of great shows for all ages. 

2. We can go virtually anywhere... Visit a world renowned art gallery. 

3. Play a virtual game with your friends and family-- lots of great ideas out there. Zoom Charades is bound to make you laugh, and a home Scavenger Hunt is fun for all ages.  Check out game apps, and Pinterest for ideas.

4. STEP RIGHT UP, and take a ride and visit an attraction-- no line-ups and no tickets required. Some of the virtual roller coasters still make you feel quizzy. 

5. Have a virtual at home party with friends and family. You can even pick a theme. We have a party scheduled for Saturday-- think it might be formal attire (a change from the jammies we've wearing this week).

Stay safe, and share some laughs.


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