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Creative Uses

Creative Uses

Published: 08.13.18

At All Things Cling, we like to think of Cling-rite® Rolls and as a blank canvas – you can use them for pretty much anything! Our rolls of perforated electrically charged film that clings to most indoor surfaces with no tape needed. A multi-surface white board taken to the extreme…they are the safest and easiest to apply and remove. These products will not harm surfaces, contain no adhesives and have endless applications. Here are just a few you may not have thought of.

For Schools:

Spread school spirit with hand drawn moveable signage and keep students in the know for upcoming events, sports games and activities. Move them or erase and replace the message for the next event! If you want a fresh sheet for every event, not a problem – Cling-rite® Rolls are also disposable and recyclable. Teachers, are you tired of chalk dust? Schools can provide classrooms with endless white board space that can be moved around from room to room and lowered to kid friendly heights for younger grades. You can even use Cling-rite® to replace projector screens. This tool is ideal for students to use for collaboration and brainstorming. From lower elementary to college and university, Cling-rite® Rolls get an A+ as an educational tool

For Home:

Little hands need to stay busy. Cling-rite® Rolls provide space for kids to let their creativity out…without doodles permanently staining the walls. Plaster it on a wall in their bedroom for endless hours of fun…bigger kids will love letting friends leave personal messages. Put it by the front door and keep organized with a calendar each family member can add to. For kids that need reminders to stay on track, Cling-rite® Rolls let you create customizable chore charts or instructional lists for their daily activities.

For Business and Commercial:

Shops, boutiques and stores can take advantage of Cling-rite® Rolls to increase their profits throughout the year. Advertise sales to customers or create signage for seasonal displays. Leave a strip up in an area of the store to reuse it or create new signage for every new occasion. Businesses can create white board space in their offices or on the go at client meetings. Create a brainstorm wall for planning sessions and bring the ideas back to your office to share with your whole team. Any professional, trainer, presenter or instructor can carry this roll in their suitcases, bags or carry-on as it is compact and light. The perfect substitution for the old-fashioned flip chart! For approximately $1.00 a sheet you get a blank slate for a temporary flip chart or whiteboard created by you that can be moved to multiple locations. There really isn’t an industry that couldn’t benefit from the versatility of Cling-rite® Rolls!


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