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It’s a Big Deal… We’re On A Roll

It’s a Big Deal… We’re On A Roll

Published: 11.12.18

Pushing the boundaries of innovation is something we are known for at All Things Cling. Our new backer-less Cling-rite® Unlimited is changing the advertising game — it’s a fraction of the cost of traditional semi-permanent signage and it’s the only self-cling, large-format product available in its class.

This revolutionary unsupported, electrically-charged printed film clings to almost all clean, smooth, indoor surfaces – no tape needed – for up to six months! Now that’s a good way to get your message to “stick”.

Cling-rite® Unlimited is variably printed, meaning multiple images can be produced on one custom-perforated roll, with sizing up to 30” width by ANY length. Create stand alone posters or tile them together to create amazing displays that demand attention.

Installation is simple…no need to waste money on professional installers. Don’t have a friend to help you? We feel bad for you, but it isn’t a deal breaker. You can install Cling-rite® Unlimited on your own in just three simple steps.

  1. Unroll on a clean, smooth, interior surface
  2. Place in desired location and smooth out with your hands
  3. There is no step three…it’s that easy!

Create POPs and promotional programs that are eye catching, easy to put up, and that are cost effective — you could line a complete retail space, from a single roll, with multiple messages and apply them to a variety of surfaces. Just think about the endless possibilities!

Marketing gurus can put together convenient promotional kits. Print a large volume of one poster or change it up with multiple posters per roll – each run is completely customizable and requires a minimum of 2,000 ft. x 27 inches.

Recently, Walmart required temporary signage to promote their back-to-school campaign, the signage had to be applied to 16-foot high towers in multiple locations. It had to be easy to install and remove without sacrificing image quality, not harm the surface, and be economical. Cling-rite® Unlimited was the perfect solution for the project!

There are unlimited possibilities when it comes to Cling-rite® Unlimited—We’re on a roll, and it’s a big deal! The important question is…How will you cling?


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