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Make Your Message Stick with Whiteboard Clingers®

Make Your Message Stick with Whiteboard Clingers®

Published: 11.22.18

Scenario One

You love being a teacher but this year you have a lot of challenging students in your class. Sitting at their desks alone, writing with traditional pencil and paper, is not going to cut it for this group…and one small chalkboard doesn’t give you much room for creativity. Being the out of the box thinker you are, you plaster an entire wall with Whiteboard Clingers®.

Scenario Two

Your clientele at the conference centre are upping their game. You want to provide them with the very best but smartboards in every room is just not financially feasible. Whiteboard Clingers® are the perfect solution!

Scenario Three

You just started college and are new to this whole dorm room thing. You want to stay organized but how are you supposed to hang things on the concrete wall? Whiteboard Clingers® to the rescue! Use just one or put up a bunch. Record important due dates and events, create study aides or use them for story-boarding…doodle centre anyone? You could even put one on your door, so friends can leave you a message when they stop by if you aren’t home!


So, What Are Whiteboard Clingers®?

Turn any wall into a semi-permanent whiteboard without the hassle of a costly installation. The microsphere adhesive clings to the wall, letting you remove and reposition multiple times for up to two years – with NO damage to the wall.

Whiteboard Clingers® are sold in packs in packs of three, with each sheet conveniently sized at 22” by 30”. Easily erasable with the use of dry erase markers, you can turn any smooth, clean, indoor surface into useable whiteboard space. Ask about our quantity discounts and customization options.

Ideal for elementary and post-secondary schools, daycare centres, office and business applications, sports facilities, hotels and convention centres, home use and more. The only limit is your creativity! Make your message stick with Whiteboard Clingers®.


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