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Whiteboard Clingers


Erase and reuse quickly and easily, leaving no damage to the walls.

Use at home, at work or in the classroom - any smooth surface can become a whiteboard instantly!

Always be prepared! Our Whiteboard Clingers® can easily be brought to a business meeting or presentation.

Each sheet measures 22” x 30” and come in packs of 3.


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Whiteboard Clingers® are a revolutionary semi-permanent whiteboard solution with a microsphere adhesive. Requiring no special installation, they can conveniently be applied to almost any smooth indoor surface. Whiteboard Clingers® can be removed for up to 2 years leaving no residue or damage. Easily erasable, they can be reused and repositioned several times. Perfect for schools in place of the traditional whiteboard, you can use Whiteboard Clingers® at home, and they can even be used in businesses, hospitals, doctor’s office’s – the possibilities are endless. Why install a traditional whiteboard when you can turn any flat surface into an instant, dry-erase wall without the hassle!

How will you cling?

Whiteboard Clingers
Whiteboard Clingers
Whiteboard Clingers


Whiteboard Clingers® are a semi-permanent whiteboard solution. Whiteboard Clingers® sheets do not require any special installation and can be applied to most smooth indoor surfaces. Whiteboard Clingers® can be easily removed up to 2 years without leaving residue or harming surfaces. If applying Whiteboard Clingers® to newly painted surfaces, consult the paint manufacturer for proper drying conditions before application.

Whiteboard Clingers® are sold in packs of 3 sheets, each sheet 22” x 30”

Yes. For best results we recommend using low odor dry erase marker pens. When erasing images, use either a damp cloth or a whiteboard eraser. You can also use normal permanent marker pens, but the ink will not rub out.

Yes. Whiteboard Clingers® can be repositioned several times before the adhesion is affected. The exact number of times will depend on how clean and dust-free the applied surfaces are. The writing surface of Whiteboard Clingers® can be used over-and-over again.

Yes, by a PVC vinyl converter.

They can be used by anyone in a variety of settings. Some examples include: schools (by both, teachers and students), colleges and universities, student dorms, home and personal use, conference centers and hotels, sports facilities, and coaching aids, hospitals and doctors’ offices, businesses and office applications.

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